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Cadastral map

In order to register the deed of the property I need to correct the cadastral data, there is a difference of more than 5% between the alphanumeric data and the graph. I need to start the process of correction of discrepancies and I am asked to provide scale plans and graphic representation in GML format.

There is a difference between cadastre and my house in square meters; there are neighbors living above my house, within my area in about 25 meters, as second floor. I just paid the mortgage and I am waiting for a call from the land registry to pick up the deed. Greetings.

The property is old and there are no deeds or registration but it does have cadastral reference the problem is that the land adjoins a road to the south and the cadastral line has separated it from the road beyond the 6 meters from the center of the road.

Good afternoon, I have been sent a cadastral revision for 2 new constructions on the property. One is a pergola and the other a changing room for the swimming pool. I do not know if I have to declare it and the amount. I also have doubts about the valuation of the house and land and the surcharges and congenital that are included in the valuation.

Cadastral reference

This value is merely informative for the purposes of Inheritance and Gift Tax and Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty in accordance with Article 134.1 of Law 58/203, of December 17, General Tax Law.

– To the rural land for which the instruments of territorial and urban planning foresee or allow its passage to the situation of urbanized land, referred to in article 21.2.b. of the rewritten text of the Law of Land and Urban Rehabilitation mentioned.

– When the value determined by such means is lower than the value declared by the interested party or the price or consideration agreed upon in the legal act or transaction giving rise to the taxable event. In such a case, the higher of these amounts will be taken as the taxable base, in accordance with the provisions of article 46.3 of the Revised Text of the Law on Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1993, of September 24 and article 18.2 of Law 29/1987, of December 18, on Inheritance and Gift Tax.

Consultation of the cadastre

Before writing you must calculate the fiscal value of a property, there are many communities that give a minimum value, so if the deed value is lower you will have a value check. It does not matter if it is an inheritance or a purchase and sale, you have to take into account the value fixed by the administration and especially if the sale value is lower.

The tool is valid to calculate the value of all urban properties, with the exception of plots of land and properties of cultural interest, with constructions whose constructive typologies are of the following uses: residential (housing and annexes), offices, storage, parking, commercial, except markets and supermarkets, and industrial, except manufacturing industries and transport services, it will be made by applying the coefficients approved by the Autonomous Administration of Extremadura to the cadastral value updated to the date of the taxable event.

The tool will indicate you the value that the Administration attributes to the goods that you are going to acquire or transfer and appear in the liquidations of the taxes on Patrimonial Transmissions and Documented Legal Acts and on Inheritance and Donations.

Cadastral registration

Preparation of property situation reports and proposals for legal, registry and cadastral regularization – Field and documentary research in administrative archives, cadastral management, land registries, notarial protocol archives and other documentation centers, for the physical and legal identification of the property – Legal research of the cause file: expropriations, reversions, purchase-sales, assignments, exchanges, affectations-assignments. Diagnose, interpret and solve problems related to the delimitation of the real estate property.

Territorial Planning by implementing our INTERDISCIPLINARY and GLOBAL team, which analyzes, develops and manages the planning and development processes of geographic spaces and territories, both urban and rural, of specific administrative regions at any scale, promoting their sustainable development.

Permits, licenses and authorizations. Domain and expropriation proceedings – Registration – Judicial demarcation – Property title – Defense before the administration (APPEALS, requirements, writings, minutes) – ASSISTS

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