Subvenciones xunta galicia para tejados 2021

Geothermal energy in galicia

The Energy Institute of Galicia (Inega) is constituted as an Agency by Decree 142/2016, of September 22, maintaining its attachment to the competent Regional Ministry of Energy, in accordance with the provisions of Law 3/1999, of March 11, and whose functions include influencing the rational use of energy, as well as diversifying energy sources and reducing, as far as possible, external dependence.

The aforementioned collaborating entities will be selected through a procedure subject to the principles of publicity, concurrence, equality and non-discrimination, which is regulated in the Resolution of December 28, 2020, by which the procedure for the selection of the collaborating entities that will participate in the management of the subsidies for renewable energy projects for thermal use and for photovoltaic energy projects, destined to individuals, is called, which will be published simultaneously in the regulatory bases of these aids.

Inega gal

The manager of Galicia Calidade, Alfonso Cabaleiro, emphasizes that the initiative will promote the establishment of synergies between future Galician chefs and the brands certified with this Galician seal.

Leche Río (Lugo), Conservas del Noroeste (Vilaboa) and the wineries Gran Bazán (Vilanova de Arousa) and Finca Millara (Pantón) are already part of the more than 135 Galician companies that have the seal of guarantee.

More than 300 people, including partners, customers and collaborators, celebrated Feiraco’s half-century of history with an institutional event attended by the President of the Xunta de Galicia, among other prominent institutional personalities.

Artesanía de Galicia returns to the Palacio de Santa Bárbara between May 25 and June 3 in an event in which it will share space with exclusive gastronomic products, open workshops for families and showcookings with Galician chefs from the Nove group.

The conselleiro of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, emphasizes in a visit to Cerámica Verea on the occasion of its 50th anniversary that this is an example of a company that innovates, that exports and that undertakes equal parts.

Xunta de galicia ayudas para rehabilitación de viviendas

Gante celebra el singular Día de las Filosofías de la Vida El Día de las Filosofías de la Vida tiene como objetivo promover el entendimiento en la ciudad, cerrando la brecha entre personas con diversos orígenes étnicos y religiosos

Xavier Troussard: La Nueva Bauhaus Europea requerirá una fuerte cooperación de todos los niveles de gobierno Una entrevista en profundidad con el Jefe de la Unidad de la Nueva Bauhaus Europea en la Comisión Europea

Xavier Troussard: La nueva Bauhaus europea requerirá una fuerte cooperación de todos los niveles de gobierno Una entrevista en profundidad con el Jefe de la Unidad de la Nueva Bauhaus Europea en la Comisión Europea

David Lisnard: La crisis sanitaria ha puesto de manifiesto la incapacidad del Estado para hacer frente a los retos locales Entrevista con el alcalde de Cannes (Francia) sobre el enfoque local para hacer frente a la crisis del coronavirus, la necesidad de subsidiariedad y mucho más

Subvenciones xunta galicia para tejados 2021 2021

Article 91 of Law 8/2012 of June 29, 2012, on housing in Galicia, establishes that the Galician Housing and Land Institute will develop policies for the rehabilitation and renovation of the housing stock in Galicia, meeting criteria of accessibility, sustainability, energy savings, quality improvement and conservation of the unique elements of existing buildings. Article 94 of the aforementioned law establishes that the rehabilitation programs may be implemented by means of specific promotion measures, financial aid, subsidized loans, advances, tax incentives and any other instrument under the terms established in the corresponding development regulations.

Likewise, it should be mentioned that Royal Decree 106/2018, of March 9, provides for a program to promote urban and rural regeneration and renewal, which in Galicia is managed through the figure of integral rehabilitation areas. Specifically, within the framework of this program, actions for the rehabilitation and renovation of buildings and housing that are carried out within the scope of the integral rehabilitation areas of the Caminos de Santiago, the National Park of the Atlantic Islands and A Ribeira Sacra can be financed.

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