Telefono departamento de reclamaciones jazztel

Telefono departamento de reclamaciones jazztel 2022

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Is it a problem that one-gigabit connections are not symmetrical? Probably, no. In reality, the fastest connections are usually aimed at families or businesses, where multiple users connect one or more devices to the internet, with the intention of ensuring high speed on all smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, consoles, computers or other devices that are connected simultaneously. As a whole, many of these connections will require more download speed than upload speed, so an asymmetric speed would not necessarily be a problem, although it will all depend on the user’s needs.

At Adamo, for example, we see the possibility of choosing between 600 Mbps or 1,000 Mbps upload speed for an additional 8 euros, at Fibracat the symmetry is optional, and at Yoigo (and mobilfree) they directly opted to set the upload speed at 300 Mbps. In the case of Vodafone, the maximum upload speed in 7.5 million homes is limited to 100 Mbps, as this is an HFC technology restriction, rather than a tariff restriction. Movistar, Orange, Jazztel and Digi do offer a symmetrical gigabit.

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As soon as the fiber is installed and working, we will process the rest of your order (sending sims, mobile, portability …) So we make sure that the fiber works properly before porting your mobile lines or perform any other management that you have asked us. But if you prefer to process everything at the same time and you don’t want to wait for the fiber, you can also process this option if you make the order by phone through 1644 and you expressly request it.

If you unsubscribe, we will send you return instructions. In any case, there will be no charge unless you return it 45 days after unsubscribing or in poor condition. In that case, you will be charged 60€.

> If you buy contract and prepaid lines at the same time: the euros are deducted from your first bill. The remaining discount is accumulated to be applied to the following invoices until it is used up. Prepaid lines go without gift balance.

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