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It is the administrative registry of location of real estate in the cadastral cartography that identifies legal businesses without confusing them. The cadastral titleholders are the persons who exercise the right to the property on a real estate.

It is the Real Estate Tax (IBI) that is levied on the ownership of a property. The owners must pay this tax annually. In case of inheritance, the usufructuary will be in charge of the payment. The calculation is based on the cadastral value of the land and buildings.

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The information shown is for information purposes only and is not considered as an administrative certification nor has any legal validity. The intellectual property rights of the same correspond to the providers of the WMS services invoked, so its use is subject to the conditions defined by each producer. The 1:25,000/1:50,000 cartographic information of the background layer is the property of the IGN/CNIG. It is used according to the conditions of use indicated in the CNIG download center (

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Throughout the evolution of this discipline, surveyors have used various instruments specific to their activity. Among them, the surveyor’s scaffold, which allowed them to establish the dimensions of different angles in different directions, stood out for centuries.

The large-scale measurements are a prerequisite for making a map. In the late 1780s, a mapping team of Great Britain, initially under General William Roy, began the Principal of the triangulation of Britain using the Ramsden theodolite.

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