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The graphic validation report is the result of the validation service of alternative georeferenced graphic bases, which allows to know if an alternative graphic representation already elaborated, different from the cadastral one, meets the technical requirements of the joint Resolution of October 26, 2015, of the General Directorate of the Registries and Notaries and the General Directorate of the Cadastre, which regulates the technical requirements for the exchange of information between the Cadastre and the Land Registries, and the Resolution of October 26, 2015, of the General Directorate of the Cadastre, which regulates the technical requirements to comply with the obligations of information provision by notaries established in the revised text of the Law of Real Estate Cadastre, and in particular the compatibility with the representation of the parcels contained in the cadastral cartography. The graphic validation report is used in the Cadastre-Registry coordination process.

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The formation phase of the Tax Registers was followed by a continuous activity of conservation and updating of the same which, in addition to achieving a permanent purification and adaptation of the data to the changing reality of each day, has made possible the establishment of technical systems and administrative maintenance procedures, as well as habits in the declaration of the variations produced in the assets and a great experience on its operation.

The Land Wealth Tax Register, set up in parallel but independently of the land tax, arises as a solution to the need to have an updated cadastre, without this update directly causing an increase in the tax burden. The dissociation between the Register and the tax applications it serves makes this possible, and it is even possible to determine the tax values through the application of a percentage with respect to those contained in the Register, which will tend to take as a reference those of the market.

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The Cédula Parcelaria is one of those documents necessary to sell a house and that, although the name may be familiar to you, surely you do not know many of its particularities, here you can discover what this document is, which are its characteristics and how it can be obtained. All thanks to the help of the notary of Pamplona Don Juan Pablo Martínez de Aguirre with whom we spoke to know all the details of this document.

What is the Cédula Parcelaria? The Cédula Parcelaria is a document issued by the Government of Navarra and where the cadastral description of a property is stated. This means that it is a registry for fiscal purposes, not of properties, reason why it is not a valid document to demonstrate who is the holder of that house.

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