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In a simpler way, you can also access the Electronic Headquarters of the document registration services, notification mailbox, consultation and processing of files through the Cl@ve system provided by the General Administration of the State:

The first time you must register in the Portal, to complete the necessary data or validate the default data. It is very important to enter the e-mail account requested and modify it when it changes for any reason.

Once registered, the Portal automatically configures your user profile, associating the data that this City Council has about you, in relation to the steps that can be taken. These data, of course, are considered reserved and are protected by the security measures required by law.

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They have the consideration of protected data the name, surnames, social reason, code of identification and domicile of those who appear registered in the Cadastre like holders or taxable persons of the Tax on Real estate, as well as the cadastral value and the values of the ground and, in its case, of the construction, of the individualized real estate.

The Administrations and Institutions can access the telematic services of the Electronic Headquarters of the Cadastre as long as they previously carry out a registration procedure. The conditions and requirements for accessing the data and telematic services will be carried out in accordance with the regulations governing the Cadastre.

Once the request for access has been analyzed by the Cadastre Management, it will decide what is appropriate and, if necessary, authorize access with the necessary limitations to ensure the principles of competence, suitability and proportionality, notifying the requesting body. Once access is authorized, a user will be generated for each of the persons who are going to access the service, which will be communicated to them individually.

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Leica Geosystems for the construction of its permanent network of GNSS reference stations; Leica GPS Spider and Leica SpiderWeb, Leica GRX1200 GG Pro receivers and Leica AT504 Chokering antennas are used.

The regional bureau program specialists would be distributed among two or more multi-country offices in the region, forming a “virtual” bureau that would be networked at the same time

specialists who form the Bureau may be distributed among two or more cluster offices in the region – forming a “virtual” bureau through networking, but at the same time serving the cluster office, in which they would form a “virtual” office.

Land reform, which should contribute to the development of this sector, is also expected to progress, with the completion of the cadastre by the end of 2003 and the preparation of a law on land ownership.

Land reform, which should contribute to the development of the agricultural sector, is also expected to progress with the completion of land registration by end-2004 and the preparation of a law regulating land ownership.

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14 Nivel de Corrupción en México por Estados 2001 Surce: Transparencia Internacional CO. 1 Distrito Federal México Guerrero Puebla Jalisco Michoacán Durango Tabasco Querétaro Veracruz Sinaloa Morelos Oaxaca Campeche Nuevo León Chiapas Yucatán Hidalgo Tlaxcala Nayarit Tamaulipas Zacatecas Quintana Roo Guanajuato Baja California San Luis Potosí Sonora Chihuahua Coahuila Aguascalientes Baja California Sur Colima 2.29

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