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The nota simple registral is a document issued by the Land Registry of Aranda de Duero. Its purpose is to inform about the reality for legal purposes of a real estate property. For example, it details the location, who is the owner, what burdens weigh on the property, if it is a bank or other entity’s notice.

The Nota Simple is the document issued by the Land Registry of Aranda de Duero in which all the data of the property in question appear. It is a merely informative document where the possible charges that the property could have are shown.

The Nota Simple will help us at the time of requesting a mortgage loan, if we are going to request a loan it is necessary to make an appraisal of the property and to give the appraiser the corresponding Nota Simple.

As we have already advanced, it is an informative document that you can request in the Registry of the Property of Aranda de Duero in which data of interest for any person who is about to buy or to rent a house is gathered.

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Thanks to the registration of a property in the Land Registry of Aranda de Duero we are officially recognized as owners. We can dispose of our right, selling or mortgaging, and anyone who is interested in buying a house or constitute on it a right, may have at their disposal all the necessary information to be able to decide on equal terms and without surprises. In addition, by registering we have the security that nobody will be able to deprive us of our right or dispose of it fraudulently.

The objective of the Registry of the Property of Aranda de Duero is to give publicity of the registered acts and consequently legal security to the property and future acquirers of the real estate, since registering them, those who consult it are informed about the domain and other real rights or loads that weigh on the same ones, minimizing risks of eventual claims.

By registering in the Land Registry of Aranda de Duero all acts that affect the ownership or real rights over the real estate, it provides total security and legal priority to the rights registered in it, which in turn guarantees tot

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In collaboration with an important agency in Burgos, we process all the formalities related to your vehicles: Transfers, changes of address, temporary cancellations, renewal of transport cards, duplicate permits and licenses, registrations, among others.

In collaboration with a law firm specialized in this area, we prepare all the necessary documentation for your business to comply with current data protection regulations, while preserving the integrity of the information of your own customers.

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